''Speech is a Gift from God.''

''Language; spoken or written or bodily; forms an integral part of one's personality. Thus, it is an expression of who an individual is.''

Language is a system of comminication. It is a key department in any learning institution. Languages Department consist of English, Kiswahili and French 

The department has the following members of staff with their rspective teaching subjects and designations:

  1. Mr. Harrison Mbwaya           -HOD Languages
  2. Mr. Charles Lidoro              - HOS Kiswahili.
  3. Mr. Elton Salano             - English/Literature/Library Master
  4. Mr. Samuel Owinyi              -Kiswahili/Fasihi
  5. Mr. Joel Odera                   - French
  6. Mr. Damien Baraka             - French/Kiswahili
  7. Sister Mary Rebecca          -English/Literature/Creative arts
  8. Mrs. Biringi Kerubo              -Kiswahili
  9. Ms. Ondiek Immaculate       -Kiswahili
  10. Mr. Bonface Malenya           -English/Literature

The performance of our students in languages has shown some improvement over the years. We are aware that an exemplary performance in Languags is key to a good school performance. For instance, English is the curriculum language of instruction. Thus, a good mastery of this language will boost a student's understanding of concepts in other subjects. Kiswahili is our national language and even government business can be conducted using the language. We therefore strive to impress upon our students to have a passion for languages.

The school offers students an opportunity study French as a third language. The students pertaking this subject have demonstrated a good command of the spoken and written French. They present items at the National Music and Drama Festivals in French.

I would like to encourage all and sundry to impress upon our students to always communicate in fluently in either of the above languages.

It is worth noting that the Department faired on well in the 2011 KCSE. English recorded a Mean Score of 8.145 (B-). This is the best mean the subject has achieved ever. Kiswahili also slightly improved to record a mean of 6.97 (C Plus). French dropped to have a mean of 4.05 (D Plus). We believe that we can record an improvement in each of these subjects.

Thank You.

Mr. Harrison Majai Mbwaya  HOD LANGUAGES



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