As the name suggests, this is a department that deals with social arts. The department is as old as human kind. It exposes learners to social values and skills that are key to the existence of any human society.

The Humanities Department comprises Geography, History and Christian Religious Studies (CRE). All these subjects are compulsory at Form One and Two level in line with the Curriculum policy. CRE is compulsory while History and Geography are optional in accordance with the school's subject selection policy at Form Three and Four level.

The Department has greatly been the pillar of the steady improvement in the school's performance in the National Examinations. CRE and History have recorded a high number of quality grades over the years. It is our endevour to improve even further. Geogaraphy has been challenging in the recent past. Thus, it has not recorded the very best of the expected results. We are encouraging the students to really work hard because it is only when they are determined that they can post good results in this subject.



The members of the department are:

  1. Mr. Odera  Joel               -Geography
  2. Mr. Owinyi Samuel           -Geography
  3. Mr. Muhanda Emmanuel   -Geograhy
  4. Mrs. Kuttoh Priscilla        -History/CRE
  5. Mrs. Kurwa Linet             -History/CRE
  6. Mr. Okello                      -History/CRE
  7. Ms. Euphresiah              -History/CRE
  8. Mrs. Biringi Kerubo          -Geography

The members of the department work as a cohesive team. We have so far organized internal symposiums with other schools. This is in order to expose our candidates; they interact and learn from the other schools during the discussion sessions. We shall organize similar sessions in the remaining part of the year.

I wish all a very successful year.


Mr. Joel Odera


Director of Studies





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