It’s said that we are in a scientific world and as such the department is tasked with producing students who are capable of hadling the world. According to the school’s subject selection policy, two science subjects; Biology and Chemistry are compulsory. the department has put in mechanism to boost performance in the science subjects as well as assist learners to develop a liking interest for the subject.

In order to keep abreast with the emerging educational trends, the teachers often attend seminars, workshops and symposia whenever it is appropriate. The Department has two reasonably equipped laboratories which because of the increased student enrolment are now proving to be inadequate.

Only pure sciences are on offer, at Forms One and Two, all the students are taught Biology, Physics and Chemistry. During this period, individual students are able to explore their potentialities and are consequently allowed to make choices at the end of Form Two. Following careful scrutiny of courses on offer at the University, the Department deemed it fit to make Chemistry and Biology are compulsory for all students. 



However, before these choices are made, a consultation day on the first Saturday of Third Term where the parent/ the guardian, the student and the respective teacher discuss the related student performance prior and due advice is advanced. Contrary to popular belief that science subjects are a hard nut to crack, we have proved the opposite to be true as is reflected in our superb academic results in the National Examination. The members of the department are:

  1. Mrs. Kilach Dinah          -Chemistry/Biology
  2. Mr.  Mujivane Martin      -Physics
  3. Mr. Boiyo Richard           -Physics
  4. Mr.  Chitere                   -Chemistry/Biology  
  5. Mr.  Kivayilu                   -Chemistry/Biology
  6. Mrs. Imbwaga Batroba    -Chemistry/Biology  
  7. Mrs. Nakitare Christine    -Chemistry
  8. Miss. Ong'ute Mary         -Biology
  9. Mr. Shikoli Wilberfore      -Chemistry
  10. Mr. Kabala Justus           -Chemistry

We connduct practical lessons for the form four students every weekend.

In the process our students have gained admission in competitive science oriented courses at the University namely Medicine, Engineering, Actuarial Science and Architecture where they have acquitted themselves with excellence. Student involvement in research has enabled them to achieve invariable success at the Provincial Science Congress from whence some have progressed even to the National Science Congress.

The inquisitive nature of our students make teaching of science most enjoyable; as the teacher also sharpens their individual aptitudes to enable them to adequately quench the student's insatiable thirst for more information. With the advent Information Technology and its incorporation in the teaching/ learning process of science, we shall continue to churn out students of great resolve with a keen eye for excellence and scholastic acumen.

Our students are exposed to frequent practical lessons in the laboratories. We also administer Random Assessment tests which are promptly marked and revised. We call upon our parents to encourage their daughters to embrace the value of hard work and sacrifice to achieve the good results that we all expect and desire.

Let us keep the fire to realizing better grades


Mrs. Kilach Dinah

HOD Sciences

Experiments are the backbone of the science world. Accurate setting, exact measurements, systematic procedure,accurate observations and valid inferences are essential for a successful experiment.

 Lab Technician Dan "I have been at this trade for more than two decades." "Let's get the measurements correctly"
 "Wait! We have to do some adjustments here." "Carrying out a titration experiment is this enjoyable." Using the microscope.

Director of Studies





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