Guidance & Counselling





'Moulding women of high moral and intellectual standing.'

The school has a mission of producing a complete person in all spheres. The department is tasked with the noble duty of instilling desirable and ethical behaviours in our young person. The school period is when the learners endevour to develop on their personality. As such, it is our duty to assist these young ones who are in a transition period to better understand themselves, the world around them and know how to deal with the challenges that are related to physical. mental gowth and development.  We encourage our learners to share with us their challenges and assist them with ways of coping up with the challenges. This department by and large compliments the office of thedeputy principal which is charged with in disciplinary issues. Therefore, when students are lauded to have maintained high level of discipline, we get a sense of satisfaction.

I encourage all the students' to be each others keeper; express sisterly love for one another. All the teachers, administration, support staff and parents have a great role of ensuring that we mould our girls into well behaved professional women of high integrity and standing in our nation.


Sister Mary Rebecca




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