Director of Studies






The parents, community, government and other stakeholders in the education sector entrust us with students and their primary expectation is we guide the students to achieve academic excellence. This office directly deals with strategies that are geared towards realising the much desired for exemplary results. It is an office of high calling and demands sacrifice because the holder has to co-ordinate the studies in the school.

We have put in place a number of strategies to realise an improvement in performance. These include:

  • Joint contests in various subjects.
  • Benchmarking with other schools
  • Sitting for internal and joint exams
  • Completion of the syllabus in time and proper revision
  • Remedial teaching

I call upon all to co-operate in order to realise the much desired for good results. The school registered an improvement in the 2011 KCSE results. We had a mean of 6.735; with an improvement index of +0.3. We look forward to making the improvement significant. 10 girls attained grades that will see them join university directly.

Mr. Emmanuel Muhanda.



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