''A Disciplined student is a self-conscious and driven student; is organized; has self-respect and toils for the best result she can achieve.''


''Good Personal and Academic Discipline is the cornerstone of Gorgeous Academic Results''




I welcome you all to our school, St. Clares Maragoli Girls. I am particularly impressed by the development of this website. It is my sincere belief that it really comes in handy in as far as our communication with students, parents and other people is concerned.

In our school, we really value discipline. We appreciate that good discipline among our learners is key to their academic excellence. Our students are largely disciplined and the few indiscipline cases that may occur are dealt with appropriately. I call upon each and every one of you to make it their duty to ensure that high levels of discipline are maintained.

Our school has simple and clearly spelt out rules and regulations. Upon admission to the school, the new student and parent are guided through the rules. This is to ensure that all are well versed with the rules so as to avoid bridging the same.

The school has a clear daily routine. The teachers on duty and school prefects  assist in ensuring that there is strict adherence to this routine. My office really appreciates the good efforts to the teachers in instilling discipline among the students.

Thank you all for assisting us maintain good discipline and co-operating with us when called upon to handle the few disciplinary related cases.

God Bless You All.


Mrs. Lilian El-vuna

Deputy Principal




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Director of Studies





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