’Cleaniliness is next to Godliness.’



’Love and respect for oneself and for others; respect for the property of others; proper care for individual property are key to a healthy stay.’


The Boarding department provides the for the students with full board facilities. There are hostels for accommodation, dining hall for the meals and a sick bay or a health unit where students seek for medical attention and care. These facilities are provided for by the St. Josephs Hostels, which is about 50 metres down opposite the school’s tution block. This section is run by an organised system. We have the Hostel Administrator, who is in-charge of the Hostel section. Under her, we have the school nurse,kitchen staff and the school cateress, who run their respective units. We have a hostel prefect and dining hall prefect who assist in managing this section.  There is a St. Joseph’s Hostel van that offers transport services.

We have seven dormitory units. Each dormitory has a teacher in-charge who acts either as the father or mother of the respective dormitory members. We also have a prefect for each dormitory. She is responsible for the affairs of her respective house. It is routinal to hold house meetings every Wednesday of the week in the morning. This provides a forum for the students to share their concerns with the teacher in charge who is always in attendance.

We reward members the most organized table and also memebers a dormitory/house that maintains a high level of decency throughout a term. I would to encourage all staff members of this section and the students to ensure that high levels of student’s and hostel hygiene are maintained.

We have labelled all the items for the students to ensure that each one takes care of her properties. We have a big challenge of lack of a permanent source of water in the school. Te administration is pursuing all means possible to address this challenge. It will bring a great sigh of relief among students when the water shortage issue is resolved. In this respect, I would like to thank our students for coping with the situation.

On my own behalf and on the behalf of my Assistant Boarding Mistress, Mrs. Christine Nakitare, I would like to thank all those who continue to support this critical department of the school.

May the Almighty God shower you with His blessings.


Mrs. Batroba Imbwaga

Boarding Mistress



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