Spiritual Growth



 "The Fear of the Lord is the Beginning of Wisdom."

"For I Know the Plans I Have for you," says the Lord, "To Give You a Future and Hope."


The school is based on strong Christian beliefs and practices. We teach our learners on how to pray and praise the name of the Almighty God. The school is sponsored by the Catholic Diocese of Kakamega. The students are nurtured to grow spiritually; to embrace the value of prayer as they pursue their studies. We believe that any human endeavour or pursuit that is not backed up by or grounded on faith in God is obsolete. Our learners should therefore be guided to growth in their faith.

The students attend to daily prayer services and a main church service is held every sunday. These take place at the St. Charles Lwanga Hambale Parish that is situated near the school. The parish priest, Fr. Conrad, and his assistant, Fr. Cyprian Koinage conduct the mass and prayer session. They also join us on important events on the school calendar. Fr. Cyprian Koinange also offers teaching services to the school. We thank them a great deal for their continued guidance, advice and support.

 Celebrating Christ's Eucharist The Holy Mass is underway! Dancing and praising the Lord
 Popular Gospel Musician Ringtone  leading in  singing his hit Pamela "You wanna dance to the Lord?", asks Ringtone. "We can do it just the way David did to the Lord!", exclaimed the Girls.





 We are all ears, Ringtone. Listen to me, God has great plans for you.  I can show you how to round it off.




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