It is my great pleasure and with great delight to welcome you to our school website. The development and launch of this website is informed by the rapid change in the information technology in our ever developing world.

I also welcome you all to St. Clare’s Maragoli Girls’. From a humble beginning, the school has gradually developed in leaps and bounds into a top Provincial Girls’ Secondary School. Nonetheless, we are faced with a few challenges such as lack of enough land for expansion, shortage in teaching staff, and lack of a permanent source of water among others.

I congratulate the two and all our former students who have done us proud through their exemplary performance. It is our desire that we perform even much better in the years to come. It’s thus a challenge to our current candidate class to surpass the standards that have been set. We have faith that if they work hard, remain disciplined to the end, sacrifice and go for an extra mile; it is possible to perform better.


St. Clare’s Maragoli Girls’ is a close knit family.  We have always remained focused on fostering good values in our learners as espoused in our mission; To produce an all round Individual through prayer, discipline and hardwork and continue to pursue our vision; To Be the Best as we remain guided by our motto; Dedication for Success.

I thank the Almighty God for His continued blessings to this institution.  We have a very committed Board of Governors under the experienced leadership of Mr. Gaylord Avedi and PTA Members. Our parents have continued to support the school and have a keen interest in their daughters’ academic performance and discipline.  Their financial and moral support has kept the school afloat.  I also take cognizance of the hardworking staff we have. The teachers execute their cardinal duties in a selfless way. I am proud of this dedicated staff! I appreciate the good job being done by our non-teaching staff and boarding section of the school.
The student remains the focal point in the legendary triangle of teacher – student – parent.  Our students are largely disciplined. This has greatly contributed to the schools’ academic success. There are corrective mechanisms in place for those who may deviate from the norm since we believe it’s only through discipline, hardwork and prayers that the much desired for good academic performance can be realized. We encourage them to be always at their optimum best.

Finally, I reiterate that our school has the capacity and potential to reign supreme in the academic world. This will be achieved if all and sundry embrace teamwork, efficiency and exert our full potential.

God bless St. Clare’s Maragoli Girls; God bless you all.

Best regards,

Sister Mary Stephen Chepkoech,
Principal/B.O.G/P.T.A. Secretary



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